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Through History

with Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Jr.


Nana Kwaku Duah Agyeman II


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Peace Hotep Family,


For the past fifty years I have been involved in a Great and Mighty Walk with many of our outstanding leaders. We have considererd this work part of our sacride mission to restore African humanity. As I come to this period of transition in my life, retirement from the City Collge of New York, I am inspired and re-energized as i consiter the new and wonderful possibilities available in today's web based world.


As I return from the mother land once again, a trip I try to make at lesat once a year, I am looking forward to the coming year as I will increasing my speaking and events Calendar. As I start this process I have realized that the cost of creating the digital resources needed to move the knowledge and history that I have collected over a lifetime of seeking and searching is expensive.


I have created a fund to help raise the money to create custom digital resources that will allow me to capture and display in this digital world some of the unique pieces from my collection. In the near future we will offer membership in our "Family Circle" where information and interaction will be the foundation of this Active Social Networking platform that I am introducing in the begining of 2013. I am also raising the funds to create a Digital Archive for collection and storage of these items that I have accumulated over the years.


Then lastly, I am compiling my previous works and combining them with a series of new works to create the Walking Through History with Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Jr. DVD Collection to be relased also in 2013.


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